Overview of Search Engine Marketing

This article will explain you an overview of search engine marketing with an example of Google AdWords and type of campaign.

As already mentioned in the earlier article let’s drive more into this topic.

On a major scale, google’s revenue comes from AdWords and AdSense both are part of search engine marketing.

When a company who wants to rank on the first page and doesn’t have the time to wait for the SEO result, they are left with an option called search engine marketing. Like Google Adwords, all other search engine have their own ad campaign management tool to let the user pay and it allows user to use the platform and get their advertiser ads showing up in the first place or on the top of the page increasing visible on mentioned keyword till the time when the ad campaign money get exhausted or consumed. The process and the way across the platform are same and to some extent vary at little but the functionality and the way of execution are almost similar.

In Google AdWords program an advertiser (one who pays money to google) can display text ads, Video ads in youtube , display ads and also show repetitive ads to the user who earlier had come to their pages or website this is called remarketing.

Text ads get showed up in Google search and Google Display network ( a site which is registered to show google ads) show text ads basis on keywords for search and content for GDN.

Same goes with Display Ads .. but it can only show on GDN example Youtube

Youtube ads are the other types of ads which are a video ad which shows before the actual video search on youtube. All are charged on basis or CPC cost per click, CPA Cost per acquisition, CPM Cost per thousand impressions and CPV Cost per view

For setting up any Search Engine Marketing ads campaign which needs following things ready

Objective: Any marketing whether online or off-line has an intention and motive of doing adverting and because of these objective ads cost and content and strategy varies.

Keywords: Yes like every campaign keywords or search terms are important to find out by what people are talking about and typing online so that you can show your ads to them

Target Audience: This is a very important thing because of this you can also limit your budget and be precise in your ads which will be relevant to set of audience according to your product/services. You can also get and define demographic Information of target audience

Content copies: Every conversation and message on online works on either text or multimedia content. If you want to draw attention giving an impact of your product and service your content need to be relevant, original at the same time addressing a solution to the problem your product or service offer with images and video in case of display ads.

Well, Now you know what is online marketing and how things work generally. To get a better idea We will post you How to create your first google Adwords account in our next article.


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