Learn how to start On-Page SEO – Keyword Shortlisting [Updated]

In this article, you will learn about keyword shortlisting and best practices.

In my previous article, you had read about search engine and a cpcguru method of doing a keyword research. Now let’s find how to pick the best keywords!

Low Competition and High Search Volume Keywords:

Now you have the ability to search the keywords for any industry or services/products, however, the game doesn’t end here. Choosing a right keyword/keywords is also an important aspect of search engine optimization (SEO) hence always try to choose keywords which has low competition but has a high volume of search which people are searching online. By doing this you are not only going ahead leaving behind many sites as the competition is low across the sites but also getting more opportunity as the keyword search volume is high. Getting extra traffic from any which sources is always a great thing you can do to your sites.

Identifying Low competition and High Search Volumes Keywords:

According to Google competition is the no. of another competitor here (other websites) showed up on each keyword relative to all keywords across Google search. Depending on various attribute and parameters this data is specific and dynamic on location and other various parameters and keeping on changing. While using a keyword research tool, search for competition column and you can see whether the competition for a keyword is low, medium or high. If it’s in integers then 0-3 is considered low, 4-6 is considered medium and above 6 is considered the high competition keywords.

Phrase Match Keywords:

From listed keyword research tools, you can pick phrases with the keyword included which people normally tend to type for searching online. Using various Keyword phrases as a part of your content will help people getting relevant content and also get a proper helpful solution or information which can serve as a cherry on the cake for your website.

Longtail Keyword:

It is similar to phrase match keyword, e.g “Mobile phone with 8 GB RAM and 3000mh battery” over here keyword is “Mobile phone” followed by long phrases just like a tail that’s why it is called Longtail keyword

Exact Match Keyword:

Wonder why it came last in this article, as usual, people do this normally in their keyword shortlisting. as the competition is always high my recommendation is focused on low competition and high search volume Keywords as its very easy to get ranked and get traffic, then phrase match proceeding to long tail keywords and in the end the exact match keywords

Please make your list of keywords for shortlisting very precise and relevant and minimum as if you make it a large sort of keyword list, it will require more contents, back-links and cornerstone pages to make it noticeable in search engines.

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